In memory of



Possibly 70 civilians

killed during September 7 -13, 2007


in the Shewan area of Farah Province. An Afghan Army security bases had been set up on August 14th in Shewan whose purpose was to protect the main highway leading to Herat. The Taliban attacked the outpost on September 7th leading to a fierce battle in which Italian, Afghan ground forces and US/NATO aircraft were employed. Italian and Spanish rapid reaction occupation troops were rushed to the area and prevented the rout of the garrison. US aircraft pounded the area. Afghan General Zahir Azimi who has made himself quite a reputation of lying, asserted the Americans bombed rural areas where there were no inhabitants. Local sources reported that since August 20th some 70 civilians had been killed. Italy has maintained official silence (censorship) on the operation, steadfastly clinging to the myth that Italian troops only engage in humanitarian efforts. The data above comes from the center-right daily in Milan, Italy, Il Giornale, which ironically opines “our lads starting with the Mangusta (attack helicopter) pilots, when forced to intervene in war actions, shoot “candies” instead of lead projectiles.”


Precisely killed in US and Italian ground and air attacks

…but they shoot candies don’t they?