In memory of


Piara Gul’s wife, mother and 7 children

Aya Gul (42)’s 12 family members

killed at 4 A.M. on November 30/December 1, 2001



in the small mountain village of Kama Ado (Madoo, Mudoh) in the foothills of the Tor mountains. U.S. warplanes’ missiles and bombs obliterated the hilltop village of mud and stone huts. Women, men and children were slaughtered in their sleep on the 15th day of Ramadan. The U.S. attack also pulverized the small mosque, destroyed storage bins filled with grain for winter and killed countless sheep and goats. Aya Gul, 42, who said he lost a dozen family members, said “really, our village is gone. The least the Americans can do is build it back for us.” Piara Gul who said he has no family left does not want an apology, he wants Pashtun vengeance, “I curse America,” he said kneeling over his wife’s rocky grave, “I put a curse on the Americans who did this. I pray they will have the tragedy in their lives that I have had in mine.”




U.S. warplanes precisely obliterate an entire mountain village