In memory of


Palako’s entire family

died in the night of July 1, 2002

in the village of Kakarak in Uruzgan Province. A couple hundred people had gathered to celebrate a wedding to be held on July 2nd. In the middle of the night an AC-130 attack gunship attacked the string of small villages, hitting homes and firing upon terrified residents who tried to flee. Many were killed and scores were transported by car to Kandahar’s Chinese-built Mir Wais Hospital. Hospital officials said most of the dead and injured were women and children. A 6-year-old girl named Palako was brought to the hospital in Kandahar still wearing her party dress (Still wearing her party dress, Palako, 6, sleeps in a bed in Mir Wais Hospital -photo by Charles Arbogast, AP). She was injured, but villagers said all members of her family were killed. “We have many children who are injured and who have no family,” nurse Mohammed Nadir said. “Their families are gone. The villagers brought these children and they have no parents. Everyone says that their parents are dead.”

An AC-130 Spectre gunship firing rockets and canons.