In memory of


Nurgessa Gul’s husband

Nurgessa Gul’s 2 sons 

died around October 18, 2001

in a neighborhood of Kandahar. U.S warplanes bombed and strafed Kandahar relentlessly during the week of October 15th. A projectile hit the Gul home, killing Nurgessa Gul’s husband, Agha Gul, and her two sons. Residents of Kandahar walk around rubble in a street after a U.S. “precision” raid on Friday, October 19, 2001 (Al Jazeera photo reproduced by Reuters). Abdul Rahim, 45, resident of Kandahar was injured on Friday night in the U.S. airstrike. His relatives brought him to a hospital in Quetta for treatment (photo available by Arshad Butt, A.P.).

U.S. “precision” strikes in Kandahar