In Sympathy for


Noor Mohammad, 10

Mustafa Jan, a mother

Brishna, 18, her daughter

Zahidullah, 8

Raheem, 10-month-old boy

injured on December 1, 2001

in the village of Kama Ado, 20 kms north of Tora Bora in Nangarhar Province. The U.S. “precision” bombs upon the village severely injured Mustafa Jama and 6 of her children. They ranged in age from Brishna, 18, to 10-month-old Raheem and twin sisters, Zairab and Shahida, 2. A brother, Zahidullah, 8, lay in a coma in Jalalabad Public Hospital. The only child who escaped was Ismait Ullah, 11. The U.S. bomb killed their father, Faisal Karim. Next to the Karim family, laid Noor Mohammad, who lost his eyes and hands to a U.S. bomb that hit his home after Sunday dinner (Globe staff photo by Dominic Chavez).

A U.S. “precision” air strike