In memory of


Noor Rahmat Jalalzai, 47

Ali Ahmad, 38

during the night of October 3/4, 2008


in the village of Arigato in Andar district of Ghazni Province. Foreign forces killed some civilians in a raid. An Afghan reporter working for a TV station, Qasim Rahimi, was filming the dead bodies when security personnel from Karzai’s National Intelligence Directorate approached him, confiscating his camera and mobile phone. Life in Karzai’s land where official impunity reigns on-the-ground. A later AFP report mentioned that angry villagers carried two corpses of men to the governor’s house, claiming the men were civilians. Local government officials said 6 persons had been killed. The U.S. military, of course, said “two militants” had been eliminated.  A first-hand report by Qasim Rahimi stressed the two men were poor villagers with no ties to the Taliban.


Killed in a raid by foreign forces