In memory of


Noor Mohammed’s 6 family members (including his wife)

Abdul Ghafur’s wife, brother and sister

died in the morning of December 1, 2001

on a road leading out of the tiny farming hamlet of Mohammed Khan Kalatcha, south of Kandahar. The families of Mohammed, 57, a farmer and Ghafur, a scholar, decided to flee their village which had been heavily cluster-bombed during the night. Ghafur’s tractor left at 7 A.M. with 20 people aboard – 10 women and girls, 7 boys younger than 11, the driver (Mohammed’s son, Hazrat, 23) and 2 adults. At 9 A.M., from behind the tractor, a black U.S warplane appeared and then there was a huge explosion. Ghafur rushed to the site, where he found, “…a mess. Some were missing their heads, their hands. My brother’s stomach was sliced open…”

A U.S “precision” strike upon a farmer’s tractor