In Memory of


Noor Aziz, 8

Abdul Wasit, 17, a college student



killed at 1:45 AM on Nov 30/Dec 1, 2005

in the hamlet of Asoray (Haisori) some 20 kms east of the district headquarters of Miram Shah, North Waziristan, Pakistan, close to the Afghan border. The area has been heavily patrolled by American unmanned aerial vehicles, Predators (one such crashed in the Miram Shah district in July 2004). During Wednesday night such an aerial drone fired missiles into a house in Asoray according to witnesses. Loud explosions rocked the village and completely obliterated a concrete and mud-brick home. The owner, Haji Mohammad Siddiq, of the Daur tribe, said his 8-yr-old son Noor Aziz and 17-yr-old nephew Abdul Wasit were killed, as well as possibly three foreigners (two Tadjiks and an Arab called Sulayman al-Maghrabi). He recounted, “we were sleeping when I heard two explosions in my guest room. When I went out there I saw my son, Abdul Wasit, and my 8-yr-old nephew, Noor Aziz, were dead.” Villagers retrieved the five bodies. The following day, about 500 angry tribesmen attended the funeral of the college student and his young cousin. Musharraf and his U.S. ally claim that an Al Qaeda leader were killed in the attack, but provide no evidence whereas news persons have visited the area and collected first-hand reports. In the above photo, villagers examine remains of house of Haji Siddiq (photo AP, Abdullah Noor). For more on the Predator, see

Killed by a U.S. unmanned Predator drone’ AGM-114 Hellfire missile