In memory of



Noor Ahmad, 37

shot in head at midnight on September 28, 2005


at Tut village, Gulistan district of Farah Province. Noor Ahmad, 37, a translator working for the U.S. contracting company, US Protection and Investigations, was shot in the head by his American supervisor. The Houston-based contractor provided “security” for a US-funded road being built between Kandahar and Herat. The provincial police chief said “An American guy shot his translator.” On the morning after, a helicopter whisked the perpetrator away to Kabul. Ahmad’s relatives said the shooting took place after some late-night partying at the USPI compound. Noor’s brother, Fazel Ahmad, 45, a bank employee in Herat, noted “We want our government to avenge my brother…They shouldn’t let him (the American) escape. Americans and all other foreigners are here to help us, not to kill us.”


Murdered by an employee of US Protection and Investigations