In memory of


Nida Ahmad’s father

killed mid-November 2001


 in a walled compound near the area which would later become a sprawling base of the U.S. occupation forces in Kandahar. Craig Nelson of the Sydney Morning Herald (not the Associated Press!) tells Mr. Ahmad’s story,


Nida Ahmad points to the patched-up corner of a walled compound near the United States base here [Kandahar] and, without intending to, describes why the issue of civilian casualties has come to overshadow the US-led military campaign in Afghanistan. “My father was killed there,” Ahmad, a 34-year-old shopkeeper, said matter-of-factly about the attack three months ago. “The Americans saw that he was wearing a turban and kneeling on the ground praying, so they bombed him.”


Killed precisely while praying by a U.S. projectile