In sympathy for

Nickwalli, 12

Samim Ahsanullah, 8

injured in mid-November 2001

in a village near Qara Bagh north of Kabul. Samim explained, “there were 3 of us going to school. We saw small yellow things on the ground. I picked one up and it exploded. It looked like a giant biscuit.” Samim’s thin legs, arms, and chest are badly injured. Nickwalli lost one eye and his head, legs and arms are crisscrossed with shrapnel wounds (photos above taken November 22, 2001). Qara Bagh and Estalif villages were hit by 7 U.S. bombs on November 9th, killing 16 people (including 4 Taliban soldiers).

Wounded by an unexploded U.S. BLU-97 cluster bomblet