In memory of


Rabia and Ghulam Hazrat’s 2 daughters (ages 7 -14), a son, Nematullah, 7, and a nephew

died on October 11, 2001



in the Qargha (Kargha) neighborhood of northwestern Kabul. U.S warplanes bombed the Taliban’s 8th Division Corps headquarters and Rocket Site -8. A large ammunition dump exploded, showering the area with deadly ordnance. A projectile exploded in the Hazrat’s courtyard. Rabia Hazrat recalled, “There was no warning. I was in the kitchen making dough when I heard a huge explosion. I came out and saw a big cloud of dust and saw my children lying on the ground. Two of them were dead and 2 died later in a hospital.” Ghulam Hazrat, a 45-yr-old farmer and father, was crushed by the death of his son, Nematullah, 7, says, “even now, I go crazy when I think about him. I can’t think straight.” The Taliban had shut down the Arab training camp at Qargha, 8 kms northwest of Kabul, in June 2000.



A U.S “precision” air strike