In memory of


Nazirullah family 5 members

Mahtab’s mother-in-law

died at noon on October 18, 2001

In the Qalaye-Zaman neighborhood of eastern Kabul. A 1,000 lb bomb destroyed six homes in eastern Kabul. The U.S. bomb killed Abdullah Nazirullah’s grandmother, sister, brother, sister-in-law and mother. The bomb missed a Taliban garrison situated more than 100 meters away. A year later Nazirullah lived next to the rubble of his former home caring for this three-year-old surviving son whose head was injured in the U.S. bombing. The bombs also wrecked Mahtab’s home, killing her mother-in-law with flying shrapnel. Abdullah, 27, added, “this is inhuman and unjust. Those people who did this will suffer a worse fate.” 

A U.S Navy F/A-18 drops four 1,000 lb “precision” bombs, killing 5-8 civilians.