In Sympathy for


Nazar Muhammad, father

Mohammad Zaman, his son

injured on October 18, 2001

in the fierce U.S. bombing and strafing (by AC-130s) of Kandahar. Nazar suffered multiple fractures in his legs and one arm. His son, Mohammad Zaman, had a broken back. Both made their way along with 3,500 other terrified refugees from Kandahar to the border crossing at Chaman, on Friday, October 19th. Another refugee, Mohammed Gul, who worked in a military hospital in Kandahar but medical supplies had run out, said: “bombs were hitting people’s houses. They damaged lots of houses…we were there and I saw 50 people who died and were injured. Everyone is looking to the sky and waiting and thinking when will the American aircraft come and start killing them.”

Under the rain of U.S. “precision” rockets and bombs