In memory of and sympathy for



Najibullah, 17, killed

Faqir Mohammed, 70, killed

Firoze Ahmad, 16, Saleha’s son killed

7-10 other civilians killed

Saleha’s husband, injured

killed or injured on October 22, 2001


in the neighborhood of Qala Shater 2 kms east of central Herat. U.S. war planes targeted the Firqa #17 military base with cluster bombs. The imprecise cluster bombs drifted into the adjacent village of Qala Shater, village first hit by cluster bombs when the United States started using them, killing 11-13 civilians. Initial reports mentioned 15 deaths. Najibullah, 17, died in front of his home; Saleha, 35, said a cluster bomb killed her 16-year-old son, Firoze Ahmad and injured her husband. Faqir Mohammed, 70, was also killed. Many villagers had fled because of the fighting in the Herat area, but at least 1-2 members of each family stayed behind. Civilian deaths would have been much higher had people not fled. Mine Action Center staff had cleared cluster bomblets from 54 homes and a mosque in the village of Qala Shater, near Herat, by 28 November 2001. A UN official Dan Kelly was quoted as saying that Afghan employees of the de-mining program in Herat had gone to Shaker Qala, the village where the cluster bomb hit, to place sandbags around the bomblets and to clear paths that would allow villagers to leave their homes. Kelly said the description of the bomblets given over the radio from Herat suggested that the bomb appeared to have been of a type designed to scatter bomblets over an area of 20 football fields. By late January 2002, Medecins Sans Frontiere’s Herat office reported that according to official data of local de-mining organizations and the Regional Hospital in Herat, 38 deaths and an unknown number of injured people due to cluster bombs had been registered so far. However, some doctors in Herat Regional Hospital believed this number was much higher. In the village of Qala Shater near Herat city alone, 12 people had died and more than 20 were injured due to cluster bombs.


Killed by U.S. imprecise cluster bomblets which littered the village of Qala Shater