In sympathy for


Najiba Pardis, 38, a mother injured

At 11 A.M. on October 17, 2001

In the Shai-i-Nau neighborhood of Kabul. An American who lived in Kabul in the 60s wrote,

 "Shari Nau was the street of Kabul like the Champs Elysee of Paris, it was crème de la crème."

A bomb fell on the upscale neighborhood of Shari Nau at 11 A.M., destroying three houses and killing a woman, injuring three men and a woman, Najiba Pardis. The U.S. bomb fell in front of the house of Mohammad Shakir Pardis. Mohammad's wife, Najiba, 38, was buried in the rubble and was dug out but has remained an invalid. She was also pregnant and spent many weeks in the hospital. Mrs. Shakir was 'collateral damage' - she was at home with her three children when the bomb fell. Mohammad, 40, spoke of his wife,


"Her life, all her dreams and ambition, had been destroyed. My children and I are glad that she is alive. We do not blame you for what has happened, you too have suffered greatly. But no one has ever explained to me why my home, in the middle of a residential area, nowhere near the military, was bombed."[1]

 Mohammad's son, Biyuqra, 15, added

 "The Americans are angry because they had one day of war. We have had 23 years of it."

  Injured and buried by a U.S. bomb


[1] "Six Months On. Part II. The Victims," ARROW Briefing no. 13 [March 11, 2002]