In memory of


Nabi Khel, owner of home

5 women

5 children

2 other men

killed between 10 P.M. and 4 A.M. on October 18, 2006

in the farming village of Tajikai, home to about 100 families, in the  Gereshk district, Hemand Province. Rockets were fired from a NATO war plane. One rocket struck the home of Nabi Ghel, killing him and 12 other sleeping civilians. The “precision” attack was called-in by Afghan National Police. Abdul Rehman, an angry villager, stated “the government and NATO are fighting the Taliban, and civilians are the victims.” Rehman said the bodies were retrieved from the obliterated 5-room home. The NATO occupation spokesman in Kandahar, Jason Chalk, admitted NATO jets and helicopters had fired rockets and dropped bombs on “Taliban positions” in the area at 2 A.M., but could “not substantiate the claim of civilian casualties.” This is the typical response of the occupation forces where incidents occur in remote areas where independent observers are barred from reaching and forms an important part of the news management undertaken by U.S and NATO forces and their client regime in Kabul. NATO said on October 19th that all munitions used had hit their intended targets.


Killed by a “precision” rocket attack by NATO aircraft