In Sympathy for


Mujawar (Munawar?), injured

Abdul Muqeen, injured

Abdullah, injured

Mohammed Shaker, injured



wounded at 9 P.M. on October 8, 2001


in the Yaka Toot neighborhood, northeastern Kabul, when a Tomahawk cruise missile “precisely” slammed in the United Nations contractor, ATC building, destroying it as well as killing and injuring guards. The men were asleep in the ground floor room of the ATC building. The ATC worked clearing mines, was established in 1989, developing into a large NGO employing 1,165 persons (2001). Rumsfeld tried to argue that the ATC building was hit by Taliban anti-aircraft fire. The cruise missile was probably destined for an old short-wave radio mast some 50 meters away.


Mujawar was bleeding from the head when pulled out of the rubble of ATC building. He served as a security guard. Brought for treatment to a hospital in Peshawar, Mujawar kept repeating over and over the same phrases – “the big bang,” “the big light,” “my head was hurt,” “my friends are gone.” He was suffering from severe traumatic shock.


Injured by a Raytheon Tomahawk cruise missile fired from U.S. Navy ships. All of the Tomahawk cruise missiles fired in Sunday's retaliatory attack on Afghanistan were made at Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson, a company spokeswoman said.