In memory of and sympathy for


Mullah Malik, local cleric, killed

Many persons abducted (to a fate unknown)

before dawn on May 27, 2008


in the village of Kamalkhel on the edge of the provincial capital, Pul-i-Alam district of Logar Province. Foreign-led (meaning US in this district) forces raided a home and killed a teacher/cleric. Many so-called suspects were arrested and abducted to a fate unknown. A local villager, Amanullah, told the independent Pajhwok Afghan News that troops arrived by air in the middle of the night, surrounded the cleric’s home. He claimed that the prayer leader of the local mosque was shot dead after he jumped into a deep well to escape the assault. His killing was then followed by a search through the sleepy village. The chief of Logar’s Provincial Council, Abdul Hakim Sulaimankhel, also said some 300 protestors carried the cleric’s body to a main road, blocking it. A senior police official put the number of protesters at a thousand. They demanded that the abducted persons be returned. The account was confirmed by the provincial police chief. Both the US and NATO propaganda offices denied knowing anything about the raid: denial is always the first line of defense in their news management. The mainstream western press was completely silent, ignoring the “bad body” of Mullah Malik. Predictably too, an Afghan official working for the U.S. military said the victim had links with the Taliban. The U.S. occupation forces operate FOB Shank in Logar where a Czech unit numbering 200 occupation soldiers (plus 10 civilians) has a Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT).   

A demonstrator at the protest remarked, “The foreign forces kill our innocent compatriots almost every day. How long will we stay silent?” 

Killed and abducted in another mid-night raid by US occupation forces. The U.S. troops were probably part of the Jalalabad-based US Special Forces team which has recently been engaging in countless mid-night assassinations.