In memory of


Mullah Habibullah, 30

died on December 4, 2002

at the Bagram Air Base prison and torture center run by the CIA. Mullah Habibullah, 30, from Uruzgan and brother of a former Taliban commander had been abducted by the U.S occupation forces about a week earlier. Habibullah’s father, Hajii Rahim Gul in Tarin Kot, said “I am an old man. I don’t know what happened to him.” Other prisoners released from the Bagram center report being made to stand hooded, their arms raised and chained to the ceiling, their feet shackled, unable to move for hours day and night. Often the prisoners are kept naked, allowed to dress only when taken for interrogation or to the bathroom. U.S guards kick prisoners to prevent them falling asleep. Neither Habibullah nor Dilawar were seen by officials of the International Committee of the Red Cross. Mr. Habibullah and Mr. Dilawar were chained to the ceiling of the Bagram interrogation center, one at the waist and one by the wrists, although their feet remained on the ground. Mr. Habibullah was severely beaten in the legs which caused a blood clot to form in his legs, leading to a pulmonary embolism and his. More can be found in Douglas Jehl, “Army Details Scale of Abuse of Prisoners in an Afghan Jail,” New York Times (March 12, 2005). These types of beatings were widely used in U.S. detention centers at Kandahar and Bagram.


Killed at the CIA detention facility at Bagram Air Base