In memory of and sympathy for



Mullah Abdul Shakur, 55, husband

Abdul Shakur’s wife

Matiullah, 16, their son

Hajji Nai, 50, another woman

Another man

Rahimullah, 15, injured

Shams Bibi, 35, injured

Fatima Bibi, 24, injured

Najiba Bibi, 20, injured

Najiba Bibi’s son, 1 ½, injured

Shams Bibi’s brother, injured




killed at 9 P.M. on August 8, 2005

in the village of Rauf (or Mara Kale) in Deh (Dai) Chopan district of Zabul Province. U.S. warplanes pounded the village for several hours during the night of Monday/Tuesday. The attack killed 3 members of the Shakur family. Sadia Bibi, 50, said that her brother (Abdul Shakur), his wife and their 16-year-old son were killed. Sadia’s 20-year-old daughter, Najiba Bibi, and her 1 ½-month old grandson were injured and brought to a hospital in Qalat. A fourth victim, a woman, Hajji Yar, 50, died on Thursday morning from her wounds in a Kandahar’s Mir Wais hospital. She was the mother of Muhammad Yar, 30. Mr. Yar said as he prepared to set off with his mother’s body to bury in her village, “A night plane started bombing destroyed everything in my house. My whole house was burned, people in my family were injured and I lost a member of my family.” Locals from Rauf said there were 16 casualties. A relative, Abdul Halim, 35, who brought the injured to the Qalat hospital said his neighbor’s house had been bombed, killing a man who lived there. Two other injured women, Shams Bibi, 35, and Fatima Bibi, 24, were treated at Qalat hospital. Sadia Bibi explained, “the children were crying and they were very afraid…these planes killed my relatives. We are poor and innocent people. Why are they killing us?” Mr. Yar linked the fierce U.S. bombardment to the killing of a U.S. soldier in a clash with the Taliban, some 35 kms from their village. He surmised, “But they took revenge on the poor villagers.” The U.S. military’s Col. James Yonts denied there were any civilians in the area where the villagers came from. Amen, case closed.

Another U.S. night-time “precision” air strike