In sympathy for


Mukhtar, a 15-yr-old boy, injured

around November 10, 2001


in the village of Guldara, about 30kms north of Kabul. Lying on his hospital bed at the Italian-funded Emergency Surgical Clinic in the Afghan capital, Kabul, 15-year-old Mukhtar is in agony. He talks about the day he was hit by shrapnel from the U.S bombing. As a doctor tends his wounds, he screams in pain. His left arm was fractured, one of his legs has been amputated and the other badly burned. Doctors say he may never walk again. "I want to be with my family at home," he told IRIN. Mukhtar recounted, I have a mechanic shop in the city. The night before I lost my leg, there were bombs all night long. My street was part of the bombing and in the morning, there was so much in the street. I went to walk to work at 8:00 in the morning. My foot hit something and there was an explosion. Someone carried me to a neighbor's house where they took me in a car to the hospital. At the other hospital, I was not getting better so they brought me here. I have had many operations and I scream when they touch my leg or try to make me move. I cannot run my shop and will have to find a new job; maybe I will go to study but I do not know what to study. I am not sure I will ever be better.


Injured by a U.S. cluster bomblet