In memory of


Muhammad Ali’s 10 family members (wife, 4 daughters, 5 sons)

died on November 17, 2001

in the suburb of Charykari just outside Khanabad 10 kms east of Kunduz. Taliban forces who had abandoned Taloqan fled eastward. They dug themselves in on the hill ridges above the town of Khanabad. U.S warplanes bombed these ridges for days. Many U.S. bombs missed. They landed on farmers, their families, flattening homes and killing people in bunches. Some died in flashes of heat, others were crushed in rubble. Muhammad Ali, 41, said he was trapped for two hours in the remains of his home. He recounted, “I was inside when the bombs landed, and a wall fell on me…I am alive. But except for one daughter, all my family was killed.” Mr. Ali’s wife, 4 daughters and 5 sons perished in a U.S. “precision” air strike. He stood on a pile of rubble. Around him, many other homes were rolling mounds of rubble and earth, punctuated by scattered shoes, broken teacups. A neighbor, Muhibullah, 40, who lost a daughter, said, “there were no Taliban here…they were up there, not here. Why did they bomb my home?”

victims of massive B-52 cluster bomb air strikes