In memory of

Monir Ahmad, 22, son of Shad

Shad Mohammad, 60, poor worker

died in early November 2001

near the village of Dehdadi (Deh Dadi), some 10 kms west of Mazar-i-Sharif. As forces of the Northern Alliance moved up the Sholgara valley towards Mazar from the south, U.S. war planes bombed in front of them. Vehicles on roads were prized targets. A vehicle driven by Monir Ahmad, 22, was hit by U.S. rockets or bombs, killing all passengers. When Monirís old father, Shad Mohammad, 60, heard about his sonís fate, he suffered a heart attack and died (interview with Monirís mother dated June 1, 2002 by team of Marla Ruzicka). Photo of Monir and Shad held by Monirís surviving mother. The old Afghan Armyís 18th Division had been headquartered at Dehdadi military base, but as of 2000, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) of Juma Namangani and Tahir Yuldash had used it as a training camp.

Another civilian vehicle precisely bombed by U.S. war planes