In sympathy for



Mohibollah, 12, injured

on November 21, 2001

in the poor neighborhood of Qala-e-Shater on the edge of Herat. A month earlier, U.S. warplanes unloaded cluster bombs on the area where a nearby Taliban base existed. But many of the bomblets landed in the inhabited neighborhood. Nine people were killed, more than 30 were wounded and 38 homes were damaged. Eight bomblets lodged themselves in the home of Abdolahad, peppering its walls with shrapnel and killing his brother. A month later, Mohibullah, 12, went out to collect firewood. Minutes later, he was running down the street, his face splattered in blood and a stump of flesh, smashed bones and mangled fingers dangling from his left arm, according to a report filed from Herat by John Hemming (Reuters) and published in an Indian daily (not in major U.S. newspapers).

An innocent victim of a CBU-87 cluster bomblet