In memory of and sympathy for

 (Follow-up to report of May 21/22, 2006 which described U.S. assault upon village of Hajiyan)

Mohammed’s 4-yr-old son, Mehmood, killed

Mohammed’s wife and 2  surviving children injured

Norul Haq’s older brother, killed

during the night of May 21/22, 2006 

in the villages of Hajiyan and Talukan (near village of Azizi), attacked by U.S. Apache helicopters and A-10 Warthogs. More than ten months after the murderous midnight U.S. assault, details still emerge as to what really happened that night.

Fida Mohammed, 37, recounted how he, his wife and their 3 children were sleeping outdoors within the confines of their mud-walled compound on a very hot, pre-summer night. They heard the sounds of aircraft and an initial explosion. After the first blast, Fida told the family to run for their lives. They could not: his 4-yr-old son Mehmood was instantly killed, his wife‘s neck was cut by shrapnel, and the feet of his two remaining sons also were shredded by shrapnel. The cost of medical care forced Fida to sell his land. Fida, a teacher, also suffered shrapnel wounds leaving him on crutches.  The family fled to Kandahar, destitute and lives in a ramshackle rental unit. Fida’s petition to the Karzai regime for compensation has been ignored.

Norul Haq, 35, a wheat farmer, lived in an adjacent compound. An A-10 Warthog bombed and strafed his family. Murray Brewster, a Canadian journalist (not the Associated Press!), wrote, “The first chest-crushing explosion, which took Haq’s breath away, was followed by two other blasts that systematically demolished a trio of earthen-walled buildings all in a row. His brother lit a lamp, hoping the helicopters that swooped in out of the darkness would realize they were attacking the wrong target.  Least they could see we were human beings we were civilian, women, children and that we were not Talibans.” When the U.S attackers saw the light, they bombed and strafed again. Haq’s older brother was killed. The U.S/NATO forces said they were attacking Taliban. Haq, his worn, calloused-layered hands clenched into fists, said “it is totally ridiculous and an injustice”…I would add, and just another American lie. 

Precisely killed by U.S. Apache helicopters and A-10 Warthogs