In memory of


Mohammed Sayari, an Afghan man

on August 28, 2002

Mohammed Sayari, an Afghan man, was stopped in his pickup truck by members of the 7th U.S. Special Forces Group, based in Lwara where they manned a forward firebase (named “El Alamo” and flying the Texas flag!). The other Afghans accompanying Sayari were ordered to leave the site of the roadblock, including a member of the Afghan military forces. Sayari was then killed. U.S. soldiers who later arrived at the scene said Sayari’s wounds looked as if he had been shot in his back and the back of his head. Sayari was still clutching a prayer book. A U.S. intelligence officer investigating the incident said the accounts by Special Forces soldiers did not add up. In addition, he was ordered by a S.F. captain to delete some of the images he took of the scene. The investigator said, “I think that members of the team felt that Afghan life was less than human.”

Soldiers of the 7th Special Forces Army Group based at Lwara, Paktika