In Sympathy for


Mohammed Rehmatullah, 19, a farmer



severely injured around November 18, 2001

in his village of Daman, 18 kms west of Kandahar. Rehmatullah’s home was “precision” bombed while he was asleep. The bomb smashed his legs. He was able to get to the Free Medical Centre for Afghan Refugees in Quetta, Pakistan. Angus Donald (of Scottish Newspapers) saw him there. His shattered legs were covered with the scabs of half-healed cuts and yellow-brown bruises and iodine. The bones were held together by steel pins protruding from his skin and bolted to each other like a children’s Meccano toy set. He said, “we had no soldiers in my village, no Taliban, I don’t understand why they did this.” In February 2002, Morton Rostrup, int’l president of the M.S.F. visited Daman and reported seeing many unexploded U.S. cluster bombs in fields (Guardian 2/1/02).

A victim of a U.S. “precision” air strike