In memory of


Mohammed Khan’s 5 children

His neighbor’s 4 children

6 other civilians

Farooqai, Khan’s wife injured

at 1 A.M. on Tuesday, November 27, 2001


in a small hamlet near Kandahar city. In an AFP report, picked up by the South African Broadcasting Corp., the bombing by U.S planes of anything moving is well illustrated.[1] Mohammed Khan, arrived in a Chaman hospital seeking treatment for his wounded arms and legs. He said five of his children were killed when a little hamlet near Kandahar was bombed at 1 A.M. on Tuesday, November 27th.which demolished all five homes in the hamlet. Khan said a neighbor lost four children in the attack. His wife, Farooqai, had not yet regained consciousness on December 3rd. The 15 people of his hamlet died when the U.S warplane hit the hamlet mistaking his aging jeep for a military vehicle.[2]  Khan said,


"It was only because of my jeep. It is for my own personal use and to transport villagers to the city. It is a very old vehicle. I have been using it for years."[3]




Killed in a U.S. air strike upon an old parked jeep

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