In memory of


Mohammada Jan, 85

His two sons

His nephew

15-16 persons abducted

in the pre-dawn hours of Friday, June 29, 2007 

in a village, Nokrukhel, some 45 kms south-west of Jalalabad in the Sherzad (or Khogiani) district of Nangarhar Province. U.S. occupation troops raided a set of three houses. Lal Gul, head of the independent Afghan Human Rights Commission said, “The American soldiers blew up the gate of Mohammada Jan’s house and then martyred him along with his three family members.” The U.S. soldiers killed Jan, his 2 sons, a grandson [a nephew] and abducted 15-16 civilians to a fate unknown. Both villagers like Malek Zaman and Ketab Jan and a provincial spokesman confirmed Gul’s account. Ketab Jan added (in a report filed by the AFP), “the people who are killed and arrested by coalition forces are innocent people…they were shopkeepers and farmers and laborers.” Mr. Jan added that accompanying Afghan soldiers recovered opium and not weapons from the homes. 

The U.S. military’s version was predictable: coalition forces had gone to the area based upon “credible intelligence” that villagers were harboring Taliban and foreign fighters. They had killed 3 militants after they came under fire, arrested 16 more militants, and there were no civilian casualties. Case closed, no further comment.

The Associated Press hardly mentioned the U.S. assault, devoting a sentence mentioning “…killing four suspected militants and detaining 16 others.” Instead, the A.P. devoted wire service reports to “U.N. chief visits Afghanistan.” At 6:15 AM, June 29, 2007 on Yahoo News the following wire service reports were posted: 

Off the Wires

 Both Agence France Press and Reuters carried wire service reports on the night-time U.S. attack, mentioning civilians were killed and abducted. The Associated Press on the other hand, as usual displayed its faithful service to the U.S. military. 

Killed and abducted by U.S. occupation forces in a pre-dawn raid 

The following photos by Rahmat Gul/A.P. show the after-effects of the U.S-led assault. The first photo is of a boy whose two uncles were killed and father was “detained” (= abducted to a fate unknown). The second photo shows villagers standing around the bodies of the four dead males. The third photo is of an Afghan cleric shouting “Death to America and Hamid Karzai” after the U.S. raid.