In memory of


Mohammad Rais Khan, 32

Sher Mohammad, 51

died late at night on September 24, 2004

in the village of Lakan, 20 kms east of Khost in Paktia Province. The 2 brothers were killed by U.S occupation troops. U.S soldiers raided Lakan, broke into homes, and abducted 6 persons (including Sher, 51, who died the following day at Bagram Air Base probably under severe torture). Rais’ widow, Janzaiba, 25, mother of three, recounted the events, “My husband was shouting: ‘what are you doing here this late at night in our house? Who gave you permission to enter our house? Get out!’.....then my husband shouted to me to get out of the room because the Americans were entering…..” She never saw him alive again. Moments later, the Americans fired upon Mohammad Rais, 32, killing him.

U.S. occupation ground forces based at Camp Salerno, Khost.