In Memory of


Mohammad Gul’s neighbor’s 5 yr old daughter

28 other civilians killed

Gul Mohammad’s 4 friends

killed during December 7-9, 2007


in neighborhoods of Musa Qala, Helmand Province, during the US/NATO assault upon the town. While NATO, British, and Afghan Army sources predictably said only few civilians (2-4) had died, reports from the ground told another story as reported by, for example, the Institute for War & Peace Reporting (IWPR). Mohammad Gul, a resident of Toughi village said, “every single place has been bombed. I cannot go out, so I don’t know how many people are dead. But a missile landed on my neighbor’s house, killing his 5-yr-old daughter and his cow.” Reports from the village of Nabo Aka said 28 civilians had died in a single air strike. Gul Mohammad of Musa Qala said, “yesterday evening, five of my friends and I were heading for the district center. We have shops and we wanted to rescue our property. We came under fire and four of my friends were killed. I and one other man escaped, leaving our friends’ bodies behind.” Zmarai from the village of Chenai said, “I swear I will never forget my little daughter’s screams. She was scared to death of the bombs. There was blood coming out of my son’s ears.” Maliha, a woman who left her home in the Takhtapul area of Musa Qala before the fighting to stay with her son-in-law in Gereshk was adamant, “God damn these Americans…what do they want from us? We had just got used to living in a calm environment, and now we again have to move and suffer more misery.”


Killed by US/British aerial attacks