In Memory of


Mohammad Anwar’s wife

His brother Sharif’s wife and 4 children

 on July 1, 2002

in the village of Kakarak, Uruzgan Province. Mohammad Anwar, a Karzai-appointed military commander in the Kandahar area, whose brother Sharif’s home [Sharif’s son was to be married on the next day] was bombed, told the Agence France Press,


“First they bombed the womenfolk, killing them like animals. Then they stormed into the houses and tied the hands of men and women…it was cruelty. After bombing the area, the US forces rushed to that house, cordoned it off and refused to let people help the victims or take them away for treatment. Had people been allowed to take those injured to the hospital more and more lives would have been saved…until seven or eight o’clock in the morning the Americans did not allow anyone to help the injured and to cover the bodies. Most of their clothes had been burnt off in the attack). They kept filming and photographing the naked women…the people are asking: Is the result of the support we have extended to the Americans? This is humiliation. Our women were disgraced.”


Bombed and burned in a night-time U.S. “precision” raid upon a pre-wedding party