In memory of



Minoo Sakheih’s husband

En Ayatollah’s daughter, Fatima, 7

killed in mid-October 2001



nearby Herat city. Minoo Sakheih, 35, fled her home located south of Herat with her four children aged 3 to 15 when her husband was killed in the U.S. “precision” bombing of Herat. The family lost everything. She made her way to the Mile 46 refugee camp located close to the border with Iran which hosted 4,500 Afghans fearing for their lives under U.S. bombs. En Ayatollah, aged 30, said his 7-yr-old daughter Fatima was killed by the shrapnel from a U.S. bomb which landed outside his home at 4 A.M. during a U.S. air strike on Herat. Ayatollah added, “We didn’t have time to give her a proper burial, the burial that an innocent child deserves,” because the family grabbed what they could before fleeing for the mountains. Another refugee at Mile 46, Rahder, noted that he and his parents had lived through four nights of bombing in Herat which destroyed the airport, a communications center and the governor’s office building. He saw five dead civilians around the rubble of the governor’s building. Rahder said the family spent those nights in an eight-meter deep underground shelter in his parent’s backyard, then fled to the Iranian border.




Killed by U.S. “precision” air strikes