In memory of


Mawla Jan’s seven neighbors

Noorz Ali’s 15 neighbors

Another 8 civilians

killed on January 3, 2002

 in Zhawar Kille (kili = village) village south of Khost in border region. U.S bombing destroyed Mawla Jan’s home and killed his 60 sheep and goats. The village was turned into a desolate strip of rubble with four 30-foot craters. Along a crater was a broken tea set; next to it a child’s red sandal and a box with a yellow comb. A cot jutted from the side of a hill. Villagers said the U.S attacks killed 7 people and destroyed many homes. In neighboring villages another 53 homes were pulverized and 8 people killed. Jan said, “it’s cruelty….the base was there and they hit our house here…all we have are the clothes we wear…”  The Zharwar raids started at 1 A.M. Et, January 4, 2002 and lasted two weeks.  On the first day alone U.S. planes dropped one hundred 2,000 lb bombs. The planes included b-1Bs, AC-130s, F/A-18s, and B-52s.

A series of small villages and hamlets in the Zhawart area were hit during this two week bombing campaign in which 400,000 pounds of bombs were dropped. Villagers reported homes being flattened in Zhawar, Zanshura, Shudiaki, Kaskai, etc. At leasat 30 Afghans perished – 15 in Shudiaki (Shudyae Kili), 7 in Zhawar Kili, and 8 in Zanshura Kili, but others died in the hamlets of Kaskai and Khodyaki. The tribal elder in the village of Tani, Ghazi Nawaz Tani, said “the bombing is very intense and very heavy. Many people have died. The United States should stop bombing. They are all civilians in this area.” Nooz Ali said 15 people died in his village, Shudiaki, adding “the village is completely flattened. My house was destroyed, and my neighbors killed. There were so many bombs I lost count. The dead remain there in the village. Everybody has left.”

The Arabs and others had abandoned the Zhawar bases shortly after October 7, 2001. Intense U.S aerial attacks in the area lasted 2 weeks, caused 3,000 villagers to flee and destroyed 60 mud huts. The U.S. Navy Seals found munitions and posters of Osama bin Laden in the cave complex.


Intense U.S aerial attacks and ground attacks by Navy Seals and U.S. Marines