In Sympathy for


Maulvi Allah Mohammad, arrested and abducted to Bagram to a fate unknown

3 other religious scholars, arrested

on August 6, 2008


in the area of Ghanikhel district of Nangarhar Province. U.S/NATO occupation forces arrested four religious scholars sparking a public protest. The foreign media ignored the incident but thanks to the independent reporting of Pajhwok Afghan News’s Abdul Moed Hashimi we know what occurred. He wrote 

JALALABAD (PAN): Residents of Ghani Khel district in eastern Nangrahar province took out a protest procession against the arrest of four religious scholars by US-led coalition forces. An elder of Ghanikhel district told Pajhwok Afghan News that four religious scholars including the head of Ulema council of Ghanikhel district, Maulvi Allah Mohammad were searched by a patrolling party of foreign forces when they were going to participate in a religious ceremony the other day. He said hundreds of elders, Ulema and general public took out a peaceful protest procession against the arrest of the religious scholars and were chanting anti-America and anti-Karzai slogans. Another tribal elder Maulvi Abdullah Akhlaqyar said it was not the first time that the foreign forces have done such an insulting act and alleged that the foreign troops often target innocent civilians and have even bombed wedding ceremonies. Protesters warned that if the arrested Ulema were not released till coming Friday they will block the main Torkham-Jalalabad Highway for all kinds of traffic. Deputy of Nangarhar provincial council said a delegation of 80 Ulema had also met Governor Gul Agha Sherzai in this respect. He said three of the arrested Ulema have already been released while only Allah Mohammad had been shifted to Bagram. He said the provincial council condemns this arrest…. 

Arrested and abducted to a fate unknown by US/NATO occupation forces