In memory of


Marjan (tr. Coral), a boy


on January 2, 2009


in the Khwaja Gar area of the Deh Sabz district northeast of Kabul. Marjan, a boy, and his friends were walking home. Marjan’s uncle said a white vehicle sped up, foreign troops got out and shot Marjan and left the area. Others confirmed the report. The boys had entered a “prohibited area.” Marjan meaning Coral in English was buried on January 3rd in the Deh Sabz area.


On October 9, 2001, a stray U.S missile or bomb hit the village of Dehyaya in Deh Sabz, 28 kms north of Kabul. Villager Ehsan Ullah Khan said he and his family were sitting in their home in Deh Sabz when they heard explosions which broke windows and collapsed the outer walls of their home. He said both he and his wife were cut by flying glass and debris. Another villager, Mohammed Nazim, was also in his house. He heard airplanes and then a loud explosion. Wounded in the legs, arms and face, Nazim was treated at a hospital and discharged. He later said, “We want to live in our houses in a peaceful manner.”

Marjan just wanted to walk home with his friends to Deh Sabz (photo below).

Killed by ground fire from foreign forces