In Sympathy for


Maria, 10, wounded

Tori Elahi, 12, wounded

Mohammed Salam, 10, wounded


during October 2001


in various districts of Kabul. We know about these cases because of the careful independent, investigative journalism of Kathy Gannon. She visited the Children’s Hospital in Kabul in later October. There she recorded the stories of three children, injured in the U.S. “precision” strikes:

Maria, 10, whose hand was in a blood-stained sling. Her father described how she was hurt, “She was playing on the window – she knows better. Then a bomb came. It shook the house and she got scared and she fell out.”

Bibi Jan’s 12-year old grandson, Tori Elahi, whose head was wrapped in bandages. Tori was walking to school near the Macroyan neighborhood when shrapnel from a U.S. bomb pierced his body. Tori explained, “I heard the noise, then the jet came in low. I was very afraid. The bomb fell. I don’t know what happened. I was hit in the head and I fell down…I got back up and I was bleeding. I ran and someone stopped and brought me here.”

Mohammed Salam, 10, whose right foot was amputated and his left leg badly injured. Salam recounts in a whisper, “I was asleep. A bomb fell on my foot. I was crying. It was pain for me.”


Children of Kabul ripped apart by U.S. bomb shrapnel