In memory of


Manur Ghulab

Hasiz Ullah

Fazil Karim

Mustafa Karim

Niaz Mohammmad (40)’s 12 family members

died at 6:30 AM on December 2/3, 2001

in the village of Landi Khiel (Khel), south of Jalalabad in Nangarhar Province. A U.S AGM-114 missile struck a family home: three men died instantly as well as 4 women and 4 children. Fazil Karim and his brother, Manur Ghulab, and a nephew, Hasiz Ullah, perished in the obliterated home. Three children of Mustafa and Fazil Karim were orphaned in the U.S. bombing (their photo is provided here, courtesy of RAWA). Mir Jan, 28, a farmer fled his home in Landi Khel with 6 adults and 11 children. He said, “we saw countless bombs falling on the White Mountains, but they also bombed our district…It was such a big bomb that it broke our windows and even our doors. The fragments of glass came into the house, the house shook, and all my children were yelling for help….”  According to Mr. Jan interviewed on December 4th ,, there were 2,500 people in Landi Khiel before the U.S. bombing; now no more than 200 remain. On Monday, December 4th , in the women’s ward of a public hospital in Jalalabad, 7 women, children and two infants were being treated for injuries sustained the night before in Landi Khiel. Niaz Mohammad, a 40-yr-old farmer who said 12 of his family members were killed when his house was bombed, added “They are not aiming their bombs correctly, and we are very angry.” That same Monday, 200 tribal elders gathered at the Jalalabad mosque for fiery sermons. During the next couple days, U.S. bombs hit the hamlets of Nadaf, Zaly Baba, Ghaly Khiel, Musa Khiel and Armat Khiel according to Richard Lloyd Parry who was in the area.


A U.S AGM-114 “Hellfire” laser-guided missile with serial # 232687 (made by Boeing/Lockheed)  fired from a warplane