In memory of


Malik Nabi Jan, in his 80s, died in detention at Bagram

abducted on April 28, 2008


in a village in the Batikot district of Nangarhar Province. U.S-led forces raided the village and abducted Malik Nabi Jan and his two sons to a fate unknown. They were brought to the American gulag at Bagram Air Base. Almost two months later, news emerged that Malik Nabi in his 80s had died in American detention. Dr. Allah Dad, a member of the Batikot provincial council described Malik Nabi as a non-political person who worked in the district serving people, adding he was arrested for no reason. He and his sons simply disappeared into the black hole of secret U.S. detentions. Malik Nabis body was to be buried in Batikot on June 25, 2008. 

Abducted by U.S. occupation and died in U.S. detention