In Memory of

Mah Gul’s son and daughter

killed during December 2006

in the heavy NATO/US bombing of the Panjwayee district, 25 kms southwest of Kandahar city. Mah Gul, 58, a resident of the village of Sperwan told Pakistan’s NNI news agency commenting upon aid from the Kandahar regime, “None can bring back with such aid my son and daughter who were killed…” She said they were sleeping in her home when NATO bombed their home that resulted in the deaths. The area was heavily bombed from the air and attacked by Canadian and other NATO troops on the ground. Up to at least 70 civilians were killed, but the NATO/US have perfected an information apparatus which prevents such facts from being reported and the U.S. mainstream media generally is not interested.

 Killed by a “precision” NATO air strike upon a home