In Memory of


Magul (38)’s husband and one child

killed in early December 2001


during the heavy bombing of Kandahar city. A U.S. bomb killed her husband and a child, also taking away any form of regular income. Magul eked out a hand-to-mouth existence, washing other people’s clothes when she gets a chance. Her 16-yr-old son looks for a job but cannot find one. Magul collects cattle feed in a bag under her voluminous head-to-toe burka and feeds it to her 7 children. She says, “Animals eat this stuff, but it’s all I have to take home to them.” She could not remember (in late January 2002) when she last had a hot meal of rice and beans. Every morning Magul joined an army of several thousand burka-clad women besieging the interim government’s planning department in Kandahar, seeking assistance which never materializes.


Killed by a U.S. “precision” bomb