In memory of and sympathy for


Lali, a girl aged 3-4

Nahmet, her male cousin, wounded

around 2 A.M. on July 1, 2002 

in the little village of Kakarak, Uruzgan Province. All of a sudden during the midst of a pre-marriage party, rockets rained down from a hovering AC-130 US Air Force Special Operations gunship. Ahmed Jan Agha who was playing a traditional drum recalled, ďThe first rocket hit the womenís section. The second hit the menís section. Then everybody started running. The airplanes were shooting rockets at the people running away.Ē Laliís parents were killed, her cousin, Nahmet was wounded. Shrapnel ripped through Laliís belly and anus. Hahmet incurred a severe head injury. Both girls were air-evacuated out for treatment at the Contingency Aero Medical Staging Facility (CASF) at Bagram Air Base. Nahmet recovered but Lali succumbed to her wounds about a month later. 

Injured in a hail of gunfire from a U.S. Air Force AC-130 gunship operating out of Karshi-Khanabad air base, Uzbekistan