In memory of


Lal Mohammadís 2 children

6-16 other civilians

during night time on Monday, November 5/6, 2007


in Sia Dara in the south of Badghis Province in an ethnic Pashtun enclave.  The Taliban fighting zone moved northward into Badghis Province (site of a Spanish PRT occupation base) in mid-2007. Some 20 persons died in this NATO night-time air strike. An Afghan Army military spokesman, Zahir Azimy, predictably said 20 insurgents had been killed; a Taliban spokesman admitted two resistance fighter deaths, 10 injured and the remaining dead being civilians. The Italian AVIONEWS Agency reported numerous civilian deaths according to residents of the area, who were demanding an inquiry commission be formed by the government. Reuters Canada reported civilians killed including resident Lal Mohammadís 2 children and the destruction of some homes. NATO was predictably silent on the night-time air strike (always the first-line of its now established news management strategy).

 Killed by a NATO night-time air strike