In memory of


Kochi nomads

died in middle of the night of October 22/23, 2001

in the small desert village of Chowkar Kariz, 40 kms east of Kandahar. The village consisted of houses ringed by irrigated wheat fields among kilometers of rocky semi-desert. Villagers say the U.S attack killed 52, the Afghan Red Crescent Society compiled records showing 65 dead at Chowkar Kariz. Some of the victims include Kochi nomads who had set up their tents on the fringes of the farmland. Shamsullah, 26, who lost many cousins in the U.S “precision” strike, recalled, “when the Kochis heard the bombing, they started running toward the mountains- without shoes even – and the planes chased them, firing at them, and killed them all.” Aziz Ahmed, 36, who survived by jumping in a ditch added, “the bullets were coming down from the planes like the spring rain – first from one direction, then the other.” This is a good description of canon fire from an AC-130 Spectre gunship.

A U.S attack by an AC-130 Spectre gunship