In sympathy for


KoKo Gul, 30, mother of 2 and wife of Mirza Kkan Gul;

Zarifi, another young woman;

Mirza’s 2 sisters, injured;

7 other civilians injured

died at 4:24 PM on October 27, 2001

in the village of Ghanikhel in the Shomali Plains. It was a peaceful Saturday afternoon disturbed only by the distant drone of U.S. war planes. KoKo, 30, a refugee and a seamstress, and Zarifi, two members of the Badmaly family, were sewing clothes for a wedding which was to be in two weeks. A U.S “precision” bomb struck the two-storey home, killing them instantly. Nine other civilians were injured. KoKo must have heard the bomb coming because at the last moment she flung herself on top of her 4-yr-old son, Lahi. Two large scraps of a bomb’s navigational fin protruded from the home’s debris. The photo shows Ko Ko’s bombed home (photo Los Angeles Times).

Mirza Khan, 35, Koko’s husband, carried KoKo’s body out of the rubble which was home to two families. A bleeding man was carried away in a wheelbarrow. Mirza’s brother, Gul, said, “She was a lovely woman. My brother loved her dearly…I am angry the Americans should have killed her.” Abdul Basir, 20, a neighbor, commented, “we came quickly and found the children and adults in the rubble. Some were in a bad way…we climbed up to the second floor where I found KoKo. Her son was next to her. Her body had been cut open by the bomb.”


A U.S Navy F/A-18 fighter jet drops a 500 lb JDAM “precision” bomb scoring a direct hit upon KoKo Gul’s home