In Sympathy for


Khuwaj Mohammad, 5, injured boy

Kasan, 14, injured boy

December 2-4, 2001

On the outskirts of Kandahar city. Khuwaj was hit by U.S. bomb shrapnel when a U.S. bomb hit the shop run by his father Slayman in the village of Shagha 30 kms from Kandahar. His father said while tending to his son at Kandahar’s Mir Wais Hospital, “he was sitting with me when the bomb hit. It damaged the whole of the bazaar. Aircraft bombed the mosque and the district near the bazaar. The Americans thought that Mullah Omar was here…” Khuwaj’s intestines were perforated by shrapnel. Kasan, 14, suffered multiple fractures of his right leg and burns to his hand. He was hit while walking back to his home 18 kms outside Kandahar from a madrassa on December 2nd. The surgeon at Mir Wais Hospital told Chris Otton of Agence France Presse, “He hates the Americans. He does not know why they bombed him. He just wants his father.”


Injured by U.S. air strikes