In memory of


23 Kharoti tribe people (including women, children, and a family of six)

killed around noon on March 7, 2002


on a mountainous road in the Landai Doag border region, Barmal district, Paktika Province. Some 30 Kharoti tribes people were heading in two pickup trucks to a Sufi saintís shrine and mountain hamlet of Rohani Baba to pray for the release of a wealthy tribal leader, Maulvi Macha Dad. Dad and seven others had been abducted to a fate unknown by U.S. occupation forces on January 14, 2002. His home was turned into a firebase used by U.S. Special Forces. The tribes people were going to the shrine to pay homage by sacrificing sheep. U.S. warplanes attacked the pickup trucks, killing 16 people in one truck immediately (the driver, 4 men, 10 women and a child). The second truck was not hit. Later, U.S. warplanes attacked the survivors at the Sufi shrine, killing another seven persons. An eyewitness to the initial U.S. attack, Malik Kashmir Khan, said the vehicle went up in flames; bodies were burning when he reached the area and the smell of burning human flesh was intense. He said that after the attack, some U.S. helicopters landed, collecting the dead and dumping them all in one place. He added that the Americans disrespected the women and one of the soldiers even spit on the faces of the dead. After the Americans departed, nearby villagers came and buried the dead. The area is located south of where the major battle at Shah-i-Kot had just taken place.


Killed by a F-16 and B1-B war planes