In memory of


Khaliq Dad’s female relative

died at about 1 AM on July 1, 2002

in the village of Kakarak in Uruzgan Province. Khaliq Dad, 30, was at the pre-nuptial celebration and he lost one female relative in the U.S attack. Two others were injured. Dad recalls, “we were all excited by the ceremony and singing songs…at 1 A.M someone started shooting, but it normally happens that people shoot in the air during such things. And then the American bombing came…I went into the house (after the U.S attack) and all the people who had been sitting on the roof, all of them were torn into pieces…” Khaliq then ran into the nearly pomegranate and poppy fields, but the U.S gunship pursued him, injuring him in the hip and the arm.

A U.S AC-130 attack gunship’s canon and rocket fire.