In memory of and sympathy for



Kamila’s neighbor’s daughter, killed

Abdul and Nasreen’s son, killed

Abdul and Nasreen’s 2 other children, injured

around October 28, 2001

in the Macroyan apartment complex in eastern Kabul. A report by independent the Institute for War & Peace (dated 09/10/02) said a US bomb hit Kamila’s block in Macroyan, destroying 12 homes and killing her neighbor’s daughter. Also in Macroyan, Abdul and Nasreen were bitter, “despite the American’s modern air technology, they caused tremendous damage to this block. If we are hit by a small earthquake or even heavy rain, it will fall down,” said Abdul. “I lost my son in the bombing; my hearing is bad and 2 of my other children, Naseer and Zareena, suffered head injuries. Now I just want the American to leave us alone, because everything is destroyed,” said Nasreen. 

U.S. bombs “precisely” hit civilian apartments in Macroyan